We create interesting, profitable
and long-term educational online projects, which improve people's quality of life.
Production center of online education
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we are a team of experts
on scaling and systematisation of online education
Our mission is to create unique content for the influencers, which will inspire and motivate their audience for a better quality of life.
We accurately identify the abilities, talents and resources of the influencers. After which, we use them to our advantage to build a systematic and strategic approach for achieving the set goals of their audience.
We take care of everything: from ideas, sales and launch of the first course to scaling of your online educational resources via apps or future course launches.
Individual approach
Our ideology
The creation of an online course is not an easy task...
but our team is up for the challenge!
The course will include information on topics in which YOU are the expert. We will also provide you with loads of ideas and solutions to create a fulfilling and valuable course for your audience.
Your goal will be to share the most valuable information with your audience - experience, and we will help you tastefully structure it. Courses will supply you with a new profitable income stream.
The education course will be developed completely individually for each influencer. Our aim is to expand the standard of online education with each of our works.
what our team does

Legal protection for all aspects of the project and intellectual property
and development of a sales strategy according to the influencer’s and their audience's target language.
Analysis of the target audience
and development of an online course from scratch based on the influencer's preferences.
Individual planning
in accordance with the influencer's brand image and design choices.
Creation of a modern
and converting website
throughout the course development and launch.
Support of influencers with advice and guidance
for visual lessons and bonus content of the course.
Shooting and editing of video footage
and automatisation of access to the course for your audience immediately after purchase.
Handling and processing of all payments and purchases
we have experience working with influencers
and launched several courses.
They showed great results, which we would like to share with you:
As a result of our expertise in the industry, we have successfully raised over 400,000€ through collaborations with influencers internationally.
The projected global online education market's valuation in 2023 according to Global Markets Insights.
282€ billion
On average, 10% of the influencer's instagram stories reach purchases the course at a price of 60€. Such results are achieved after a successful "warm up" process with our guidance.
We are glad to answer all your questions
and are always ready to cooperate.